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Bulk wine shipping with Hillebrand Gori flexitanks

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Bulk wine shipping with Hillebrand Gori flexitanks


Download this infographic to learn more about how you can safely move your wine with Hillebrand Gori's wine flexitanks. 

If you're in the wine industry, you'll know a flexitank sits inside a dry container, so that you can transport wine in a larger volume compared to cased shipping.  


A smart way to ship lots of wine

Flexitanks aren't only a great way to ship large volumes of wine, arguably it's safer than shipping cases as there are no glass bottles and the cost per liter is much lower too! In addition, Hillebrand Gori's flexitanks have been designed in collaboration with wine experts, so they are fit for purpose and include barrier technology to protect the wine. In this infographic you can find out: 

Protecting the quality of your wine as it's transported is just one of the reasons why you should ship it in a Hillebrand Gori flexitank. If you want to know more, be sure to download this infographic. 

Download this infographic - absolutely free.