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IMO 2023 and the roadmap to decarbonizing ocean freight

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IMO 2023 and the roadmap to decarbonizing ocean freight


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If you're in the wine shipping business, you're probably aware of how fundamental it is to operate sustainably. Sea freight is the most popular transport method for wine and creating a greener footprint is a priority in the ocean freight sector. This is where IMO 2023 comes into play, with their roadmap to decarbonize the ocean freight industry by 2050. 

IMO 2023 has an impact on ship owners, operators, and freight payers, and establishes the bases for action in the short, medium, and long term.  

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IMO 2023 as a part of the change

In this infographic you can find out more about the strategy to decarbonize ocean freight and the benefits of IMO 2023: 

If you want to know how IMO 2023 will help create a more sustainable industry, be sure to download this infographic. 

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