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Wine shipping containers unlocked

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Wine shipping containers unlocked 

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The introduction of shipping containers in 1956 revolutionized global trade, bringing significant benefits to the wine industry. 

There are different types of shipping containers available, and understanding which one is right for your wine, beer and spirits is vital to preserving their quality in transit. 

Regardless of the shipping container type chosen, they offer several advantages, including cost-effectiveness, production protection, and versatility. Are you interested in learning more? 


The present and future of shipping containers

From standard dry containers to ones fitted with flexitanks, in this eBook we provide detailed information on each container type and their benefits: 

Having comprehensive knowledge of available shipping containers, their characteristics, and benefits will ensure an informed decision when selecting the most suitable container for transporting your wine or alcoholic beverages. If you want to know more, be sure to download this eBook. 

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